Geology Raft Trips, Grand Canyon 2007 and 2011,
led by Grand Canyon Sue Tanges

They started out as unofficial San Diego Assocation of Geologists functions. In 2007 we had 27 geologists, biologists, and various other disciplines from Southern California, Arizona, and even McAllen, Texas. A good time was had by all!

I repeated the experience from June 10th to the 17th, 2011! This time we had two full rafts, 28 people in all, including geologists and friends, even 2 doctors, which came in handy!

Thank you Sue!!!

Our fearless leader

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Here is Sue's 2007 SDAG PowerPoint presentation

And here is the PowerPoint presentation I made of Grand Canyon Geology

a sound bite from Jason, one of our 2007 boatmen

Here's a link to an online map of the 2011 trip.
Note that you can click on the icons for more information. You can pan and zoom, change basemaps, and more!

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Ron Nichols' excellent PowerPoint of his 2008 trip

And, my Google Earth KMZ file (2007)

Helpful links from which much geology info was gleaned:

And last, but definitely not least: